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Austronet construction
Construction for Austronet Bridge construction
Vodeno rezanje - WaterJet Palete
Water cutting of all types of materials and shapes to the machine WJS NC 4020 EB. Production of pallets for automotive industry (BMW, Mercedes, FestAlpina, MAN, etc).


Zavariva? company is a limited liability company for the production, transport and services. Zavariva? is 100% privately owned and was founded in 2002. in Prijedor.

The company is located on the main road Prijedor, Sanski Most, on the fifth kilometer of Prijedor, in Miljakovci on the right side of the river drainage area.

Zavariva? is registered for generation of metal structures and parts of structures, manufacturing of metal products for construction, cisterns, tanks and vessels of metal, production of refrigeration and ventilation equipment, construction of civil engineering, construction and installation of roof covering buildings, etc. The company owns the license to produce of technical documentation and production of metal structures.

Zavariva? had numerous references to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and the EU.

We are proud of the current business and achieved goals, and we hope to make joint efforts and mutual cooperation to meet your wishes and requirements.